CCTV Camera Systems

High Definition IP CCTV Cameras: Intelligent Megapixel Cameras.

The video security industry has been in the process of a transition from a mechanical analogue system of video recorded on VCR tapes, or hard disk video recorders (DVR) to a completely digital system of video stored on a network servers. iFacility can migrate your existing analogue cameras or design, consult and install a new system which will give you better business surveillance, plus a host of other benefits.

How it works

IP Network camera system’s use industry standard technology to deliver the video via packets of data across the network. The resolution is not impacted by bandwidth or electrical interference, the result is high picture clarity using High Definition mega-pixel cameras. The higher the resolution, the more detail that can be seen in an image, this facilitates the identification of objects and persons – important considerations in video surveillance. High-definition IP CCTV surveillance cameras are installed at your business to give you the best video recordings and image clarity.

With our unique myFacility system you will be able to access, view and control your security system at any time using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, no matter where you are. Common devices used to view cctv are iPhones, iPads Blackberry's and Android phones.

Example Camera Views

Below are some images direct from Mega Pixel IP cameras that have been installed internally and externally. The example show the wide angle options also available with IP cameras.

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